Why Do We Crave Chocolate?

Chocolate is very important in a woman’s life. Many women find satisfaction by consuming it more than men who prefer food items that contain meat and drinks beer. The craving levels are different in each person. Whether it is milk, dark, white or sugar free chocolate treats the brain is affect after consumption of chocolate which might lead to one feeling happy because of an increase in dopamine and neurotransmitters. It also affects the hormonal balances during menstrual or pregnancy periods. Neurotransmitters are influences by the magnesium content.


Chocolate does not have the highest content of magnesium. However, it is in the list of top ten food items that contain magnesium leading to increase promoting all neurotransmitter activity and production of dopamine so it is good for a moment when there is a hormonal imbalance. Other foods such as green leaves, avocados and nuts are high in magnesium and dark cocoa based foods have roughly around three hundred and fifty milligrams of magnesium in every one hundred grams.

The affects of the brain

The consumption of cocoa based food affects the brain positively. Not only does it taste good but also you can enjoy it while releasing dopamine. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is increased when you have a piece of any chocolate bar or any healthy chocolate snacks it is better for your general mood, reduces anxiety and sleep. Women usually have a lower level of serotonin before the menstruation period, which might mean that you will have a chocolate craving. Theobromine, which is a chemical in chocolate, increases the rate of heart, your energy level and arousal.


Chocolate producers overly emphasise that it is full of antioxidants such as flavonols. It does contain antioxidants that are said to promote anti-aging and create a healthy blood floor and therefore, blood pressure. The darker the chocolate the greater the amount of flavonols than milk or white chocolate based products. Many manufacturers remove this antioxidants as it makes the product bitter in taste.

The disadvantages

Just like all sugar-induced food items, chocolates contain sugar and are a big source. The commercially produced coca products contain a large amount of sugar or corn syrup, which is harmful. Since it is full of sugar, it will lead to weight gain, which can happen in a very short period.
Even though dark cocoa products are healthier than milk or white, however, you might not enjoy the taste of it because you are more accustomed to the milkier and sweeter taste.

Enjoy your chocolate and satisfy your cravings but try and stick to a limited quantity.