Difference Between An Electric, Gas And Hybrid Cars

When purchasing a car today, other than the plethora of cars available, you are left with the option of choosing the type of fuel a car would consume. Currently, there are 3 major types of cars, Electric, gas and hybrid cars that are being sold worldwide. The demand is high for all 3 but shifting. There are large differences between the 3, especially between an electric and gas-powered car. These differences can even sway people’s buying decisions as well.

Electric cars

Electric cars are the future. They are the fastest growing vehicles that use an alternative fuel source. Compared to other vehicles, Electric cars work solely on battery power. Further, there’s no emission from electric cars. Currently, the electric car industry is growing and there aren’t as many electric cars as gas cars. Further, the distance that most electrical cars before requiring a charge is quite short. Due to this, there are certain setbacks unless you purchase a Tesla, which can go for a long distance before requiring a charge from a tesla charging in HK.  The only problem being the price of the car. The cheaper electric cars are still evolving and are offering better mileage than previous year’s model. Similarly, the number of charge stations are low compared to fuel stations but, this number is rising.

Gas cars

Gas cars are the standard form of cars that have existed from the first car. This has been the general fuel used. Due to this, there are and have been millions of gas powered cars. There have been variations between petrol and diesel cars, but essentially, both are extracted out of the same oil. The reason to shift to an alternative form of fuel is that fossil fuels are limited and will run out one day. Further, using fossil fuel harms the environment. Due to this, car manufacturers have begun to focus their effort of electric cars and effective EV charger installation. Over the years, gas cars have become much more efficient and require lesser fuel for a longer mileage but this is not enough when you’re scooping off the last drops off a barrel. The change is definitely for the better.

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars come in many variations. In general, hybrid cars offer both gas and battery power. Due to this, hybrid cars come off as extremely efficient as they use battery for certain conditions and switch to gas for others. This allows the car to go a larger distance with the same level of fuel as compared to a gas only car. Similarly, these cars don’t require charging like electric vehicles because while the car travels, the battery gets charged.